Controversial boxing gym KO’d

Brimbank council offices. (Damjan Janevski) 256135_02

Gerald Lynch

A controversial gym in Sunshine West has moved out of its leased building.

Star Weekly understands that the Legacy Boxing Gym has closed after its lease ended in mid January.

An online petition launched by the Victorian Pride Lobby gathered 1678 signatures, raising concerns about alleged on-going neo-Nazi activities at the gym, including reports of photographs involving members brandishing SS flags, far-right signs, and other Nazi-related symbols both inside the gym and on the adjacent footpath.

A protest was held outside the gym on July 29 when a ‘White Power Lifting Meet’ hosted by the European Australia Movement and the National Socialist Network was staged.

Campaign Against Racism and Fascism organiser Jasmine Duff said she was relieved and proud of the efforts from all who protested and petitioned.

“This is a victory for everyone who protested, everyone who stood up,” she said.

“We made it untenable for the lease to be renewed by piling up pressure on the council and the owners.”

Last year, Brimbank council addressed concerns raised by residents about the alleged on-going neo-Nazi activities at the gym, including the power lifting event.

Brimbank council director of city futures Kelvin Walsh said council had been advised that the site had been vacated by Legacy Boxing Gym.

“We have been notified that the site in Sunshine West from which the Legacy Boxing Gym was operating has been vacated following the end of the lease.

“Brimbank council condemns any intolerant, racist or fascist activity – or sentiment – within Brimbank, and in any other place.”

Victorian Socialists member and Maribyrnong councillor Jorge Jorquera said he understands the owner of the site is going to be more cautious when leasing the space in the future.

He said the gym closed following “the refusal of the owner of the site to offer the tenants a new lease, and an apparent commitment to be much more selective with future tenants.”

It remains unclear where the gym may relocate to.

Star Weekly contacted the Legacy Boxing Gym for comment.