Community meeting coming up

Akzo Nobel has been the source of odour and noise which have long been complained about by the community. Photo by Damjan Janevski.243170_03

Tara Murray

A new carbon filter has been installed at AkzoNobel in an attempt to prevent some of the odour coming from the site.

As reported by the Star Weekly, a report done by engineers has shown a carbon filter, a temporary measure installed in June to help until the RTO arrived, is not working as it should.

In a community update this week, residents were told that fresh carbon was loaded into the filter on October 19. It’s expected the filter should now be operating effectively.

The permanent odour solution [RTO] for the resin plant has also cleared customs and is being prepared for delivery and installation. It’s now expected that it will be onsite, connected, tested and operational before the end of November.

It had been hoped that the RTO would be installed and up and running by the end of October.

Meanwhile a fourth community forum is set down for October 26 between 6.15pm and 7.45pm.

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