Challenging ageism through art and media

Bronwyn Calcutt's entry into the 2022 Australian Multicultural Community Services art challenge features Buddhist nun The Venerable Ayya Khema. (Supplied)

By Matthew Sims

Challenging ageism, celebrating life and defying lifelong expectations are among the aims of an art challenge currently welcoming entries.

Australian Multicultural Community Services [AMCS] is hosting an art challenge to combat the negative stereotypes of ageing.

Entrants from across the western suburbs can submit a photograph, painting, graphic or video, with the first prize winner winning $1000 and the second prize winner receiving $500.

Participant Nuwanthi Danushka Hewathudella said the challenge is opening her eyes to the value of ageing.

“Getting older is not a wrong thing or a bad thing,” she said.

“It is the natural flow of nature.

“Ageing is a gift that nature gives to all of us to relax.”

Entries close on Sunday, June 19.

Details: or 0481 218 931