CFA opportunities out now


Seven years ago Tom Greaney drove past the Country Fire Authority (CFA) unit in Caroline Springs and thought he’d like to give volunteering a try.

Now serving as the unit’s recruitment officer, Mr Greaney is encouraging more locals to see for themselves just how rewarding it can be to take up a role in the CFA.

“I fell in love with what I was doing,” Mr Greaney said.

“It’s brought me a heap of confidence. I used to hate getting up and talking, now I can talk in front of a hundred people with confidence.

“I’ve made new skills, met new people and it’s just given me a whole different perspective.”

The Caroline Springs CFA is currently recruiting across a variety of roles.

From firefighting, administration and station duties, to fundraising, community awareness and community engagement, Mr Greaney said there is a role for everyone at the station.

Volunteers can cater their working hours depending on their individual schedules.

Mr Greaney said they were particularly eager to recruit individuals living within Caroline Springs to form part of the firefighting volunteer force.

For more information, head to the Caroline Springs CFA website.