Cash splash for Sunshine pool

By Tate Papworth

Brimbank council will put an unbudgeted amount of up to $250,000 towards upgrading a master plan to remodel the Sunshine Leisure Centre.

The council, which has failed to attract funding for its $60 million redevelopment at the St Albans Leisure Centre, plans to upgrade the Sunshine site to the tune of $35 million.


Mayor Lucinda Congreve discusses plans for the St Albans Leisure Centre.

A master plan was put forward for adoption during the council’s August meeting, however Cr John Hedditch said it needed more work.

“This particular issue is one that has vexed us since the master planning project came around,” he said.

“We’ve had the process run with the knowledge that there may be some significant additional components that could be added to this facility into the future, like a community hub or a maternal and child health service.

“All just discussion points, but those sorts of things are floating in the ether and they haven’t been addressed in scenarios in this
master planning process and there are opportunities for further development of the site if those particular issues were taken on board.

“This is a valued site and it’s a real issue to be standing here and saying, having been through a master planning process, we should actually do a little bit more work on this.

“We need to consider further the opportunities for significant and proper development of the site.”

A divided council passed the alternate motion. The adopted plan flagged more indoor water space, more gym space, and an indoor water play area.

Mayor Lucinda Congreve said the redevelopment was much-needed.

“Sunshine Leisure Centre attracts more than 330,000 people through its doors each year,” she said.

“It was last redeveloped in 2007, but it’s small and it’s important we have a plan in place for how it can be improved and expanded in the future.

“We now have a master plan we are confident reflects what the community wants, and what the community will need as it continues to grow.”