Career worth celebrating

By Tate Papworth

After nearly five decades, the final bell has rung on the career of a much loved teacher.

Albion North Primary School teacher Rasma Melderis has retired after 29 years at the school and 47 years in the industry.

She said her last day was incredibly bittersweet.

“There’s sadness at leaving, but I know it was time. Time for the next generation to take over,” she said.

“We’re very lucky in this little pocket of North Sunshine. The community is amazing, the children are just beautiful.

“That’s what made coming to work fun and why I stayed here 29 years.

“Things haven’t really changed, but the kids are still what it’s about.

“It’s fun to see new students come through … I’ve even ended up teaching the children of former students.

“There’s been a few challenges along the way, but on the whole, they’ve been a great group of kids to teach.”

While the children may have stayed a constant, the building has drastically changed.

“This school has been knocked down and rebuilt. At the start we were in rooms where the corridor was sinking, but now it’s incredible,” Ms Melderis said.

“But this area is growing, so I don’t think building will stop any time soon.”

With one chapter closed, Ms Melderis plans to begin a new one. “I plan on travelling. I want to learn Italian. I love languages,” she said.

“I also have a Latvian heritage. With that I’d love to go back there and have a look at it.

“It’s funny how busy you can be, you’re able to do a lot more when you’re not planning yourself around corrections and planning.”