Calls for carers hub


Tara Murray

People with disabilities and their carers need a dedicated space in the new Brimbank Aquatic and Wellness Centre according to a Brimbank councillor.

At last week’s council meeting, Councillor Maria Kerr raised concerns about the lack of space in the centre for carers and people with disabilities.

She called for a report to look at considering how space for carers that is safe, private and low sensory can be provided at the hub.

The report will also look at how the hub will support and engage with carers and people with a disability.

Cr Kerr said the hub needed to provide spaces so everyone in the community can use it and feel safe. She said such a space should have been provided to begin with.

“The Brimbank Aquatic and Wellness Centre is one of the biggest projects to be delivered by the Brimbank City Council,” she said.

“I believe it is vital that this centre is 100 per cent inclusive, accessible and available for all to be utilised.

“I have put forward this motion as a result of direct feedback from the local community and residents who are carers and or living with a disability.

“As a carer myself of a child with autism, I understand the importance of accessibility and inclusion. I have real lived experience in fighting for equity for my son. I know the feeling of being turned away from programs for children with a disability.“

Cr Kerr said she would continue to advocate for a space, even if it meant being built at another location.

Councillor Victoria Borg said currently the space proposed for carers and people with a disability in the hub is not suitable as it’s not fully inclusive.

“Unfortunately the needs of people with disabilities, more specially children who are high on the spectrum that require a safe low sensory space, was overlooked,” she said.

“It’s imperative the needs of carers and residents are met through a dedicated hub.“