Call to boost maternal health services


Esther Lauaki

Rising birth rates in Brimbank has prompted a call for better maternal and child health services.

Mum of two Emma Langoulant, a candidate for the Horseshoe ward in the upcoming local government elections, believes Brimbank’s current maternal and child health program is not meeting the needs of parents in the area.

“This extremely vital service has not received the boost in funding required to meet the needs of our growing community,” Ms Langoulant said.

“I have two young kids myself, without an extensive outreach program and early intervention, families are not being provided with adequate services to manage learning and development issues.

“Parents are having to use their own financial resources to fill the gaps in services that should be provided to them at a local level.

“Those who do not have the ability to pay for private services are either missing out, or face delays in care.”

Ms Langoulant said access to services was a serious issue, particularly for those using public transport.

She also wanted to campaign for the reinstatement of a lactation consultant, a service that was available a few years ago but has since been revoked.

“Maternal health nurses do an incredible job.

“They are not only looking after a child’s development but also play an instrumental role in assisting women struggling with post-natal depression and family violence.

“It is disappointing that parents like me, who have chosen to raise their children in Brimbank, are not receiving the funding and investment they deserve.

“Given the vulnerability of many families in our community, more needs to be done.“

Esther Lauaki