Call for lights at ‘dangerous’ intersection


Tara Murray

More than 800 people have signed a petition calling for traffic lights to be installed at the corner of City Vista Court and Taylors Road, Deanside.

The online petition started by Satish Shekar and addressed to Melton council states that since the opening of Springside West College, residents of Fraser Rise are finding the commute extremely slow and dangerous.

The school was officially opened in August 2019.

“During peak hours our travel time has increased by an average 20 minutes,” the petition stated.

“Due to this, some drivers are dangerously overtaking from [the] left, which has already resulted in … road rage.

“Most vehicles turning into Taylors Road are taking undue risks during peak hours which sometimes results in traffic on Taylors Road to slow down or stop to avoid incidents.”

The petition said residents of Fraser Rise were urging Melton council to take necessary steps before there is a major incident.

Comments on the petition said that the road is dangerous and traffic on the road would increase in the coming years, with a number of new estates under construction.

“I live here and struggle to get out onto Taylors road every time and people behind always get impatient and overtake on the left side which is so dangerous especially with babies and kids in the car,” one person who had signed the petition said.

“Sometimes I end up turning left to go to the roundabout and come back down again because I’m unable to turn right because of so much traffic and the road isn’t set up for that amount of traffic now.”

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Tara Murray