Busy 24 hours for emergency services


Tara Murray

Emergency services have been kept busy in Brimbank, with more than 260 calls for assistance in the past 24 hours.

As rain and heavy winds wreaked havoc across the state, many people reported flooding, damaged houses and trees across roads, while others needed rescuing.

Figures from the state emergency control centre recorded St Albans as the busiest area in Brimbank with 57 requests for assistance.

CitiPower reported a power outage in the St Albans area, with close to 1000 houses without power at the peak of the outage.

Currently more than 300 houses in St Albans are still without power.

Other areas where residents needed help included Deer Park (39 calls), Sunshine West (31), Keilor Downs (29), Taylors Lakes (27), Sydenham (21), Keilor (18), Sunshine North (15), Cairnlea (13) and Kings Park (13).