Building on his strength

Karl Di Falco. Pic Marco De Luca

A powerlifting record holder is out to prove he’s not a one trick pony.

Karl Di Falco of Taylors Lakes recently represented Australia at the World Powerlifting championships in Belarus, breaking the Australian and Oceania squat records in the 66-kilogram raw open class category by lifting 227 kilograms.

Now he’s turning his attention to bodybuilding competition.

“In the powerlifting off season I try to train five to six times a week, but as we get closer to competition I actually do less because the body needs more time to recover,” Di Falco said.

“With the bodybuilding, I’m maintaining the five to six times a week because I need to preserve as much muscle as possible.”

While the gym is important to maintaining muscle, Di Falco said his diet played an even bigger part.

“The most important thing for this is probably nutrition and rehabilitation work,” he said. “I’ve dropped my calorie intake by about 500 calories per day and … include lots of protein.”

Di Falco said powerlifting remained his first love, but he felt a sense of duty to try his hand at bodybuilding.

“My dad is actually the Australian president for natural bodybuilding, so I kind of feel like it’s my duty to at least do a competition,” he said.

Di Falco will compete in the ICN Nationals in Sydney on Sunday, June 3.