Brimbank police focus on use of false number plates

By Laura Michell

The use of false number plates is on the rise in Brimbank and Melton, police are warning.

Police took to social media last week to raise awareness of the growing problem, posting on the Brimbank Eyewatch Facebook page that members had noticed an increase in false plates.

Brimbank Highway patrol officers spent last week lending a hand to their Melton counterparts and caught out several people using false plates.

In the first incident, police spotted a car driving at double the speed limit in Melton while displaying fake plates on March 23.

Police said the unlicensed driver, a 20-year-old man, was arrested after allegedly ramming a police car. The man is facing charges of exposing an emergency worker to danger with a vehicle.

Police then encountered a motorbike with false number plates in Brimbank on March 25.

Police said the rider of the bike had a suspended car licence and was driving an unregistered vehicle.

A third vehicle was found to be displaying false plates after police stopped a Holden Commodore in Melton on March 25.

Police are urging the public to help them identify false number plates.

“Members of the public do have access to the free VicRoads website to check any suspicious plates they may see,” the Facebook post stated.

“Police can follow up on public complaints about the false use of number plates and can be contacted via Crime Stoppers if you believe you have suspicious activity in your area.”