Brimbank council to be monitored

Municipal monitors have been brought into Brimbank council, effective from Monday, February 12. (Damjan Janevski) 256135_01

Gerald Lynch

Brimbank council has been assigned municipal monitors to help the council improve its performance and better serve the community.

Local Government Minister Melissa Horne announced Janet Dore and Penelope Holloway have been appointed as monitors until the end of the year, and said assigning monitors has proved to be effective at guiding councils to make improvements in governance that help them better serve their communities.

“Governance issues must be addressed, and the monitors will help identify what is needed to ensure Brimbank City Council can best represent its ratepayers,” she said.

“The purpose of local government is to serve its community, and the appointment of municipal monitors at Brimbank City Council will help resolve ongoing issues at the council.”

Brimbank mayor Ranka Rasic said the council was committed to working together in the best interests of the community.

“I fully support and welcome the appointment of municipal monitors to improve behaviour and governance for our community’s benefit,” she said.

“It’s crucial for all councillors to know their duties under the Local Government Act, and work together for Brimbank’s good governance and the best outcomes for the community.

“It is absolutely essential the local community has confidence in the governance of Council by all of the elected representatives.”

Councillor Maria Kerr took to social media to throw her support behind the decision to bring in municipal monitors.

“I welcome this decision with open arms,” she said. “I am a staunch advocate for transparency, good governance and scrutiny.

“I have proven this by putting up a motion for unscripted questions with no notice that was not supported by the majority of my fellow councillors. I believe in freedom of speech, opinion & transparency.

“I look forward to improved leadership, governance & outcomes for the community.”

The terms of reference for the monitors direct them to advise and provide any relevant assistance and support to the council in relation to the improvement of the council’s governance processes and practices.

This includes confidentiality requirements, management of conflicts of interest, relationships between councillors and between councillors and council staff, meeting procedures, decision-making processes, and the adequacy of governance rules.