New chapter for Lakes’ students

Students at Taylors Lakes Secondary College have written a book about an apple who goes on a adventure. Robert, Elizabeth, Jacob, Aaron and Hristos celebrate its pre-sale.

Year 10 media studies students at Taylors Lakes Secondary College are celebrating the completion of a project with a difference.

As part of their major assignment, the class had to create a unique production, and this year’s students took a new approach.

“Generally we do a film, but this time we wanted to play around with a children’s storybook,” teacher Jessica Skogstad said.

“We spoke with a local special school and asked about the kind of things they look for and tried to stick with those.

“It’s [the book] based around concepts like independence, sharing and self discovery.

“We worked on it all semester and it’s now in pre-sale.”

Year 10 student Elizabeth Cocolaras came up with the story concept.

“This particular book is about an apple wanting to go on an adventure and be independent, so he leaves his bowl and all his fruit and family and explores the world,” Ms Cocolaras said. “I came up with the idea pretty quickly and it went from there. It was really good to experience working with new people and finding out their talents.”

Student Aaron Bahmondos worked on illustations for the book.

“I’m a fan of Adult Swim, so I got to take inspiration from some of my favourite shows like

Rick and Morty, which was really cool,” he said.

The book is still in pre-sale and can be bought from the school. Details: