Bank funds go full circle

Member relationship officers Amanda and Jessica.

By Tate Papworth

A Deer Park bank is looking to funnel its profits back into the Brimbank community.

Circle Alliance Bank has recently undergone a restructure to become a social enterprise and aims to return at least half of its profits to the local community.

Circle Alliance marketing specialist Steven Jackson said it was about serving a different kind of shareholder.

“We don’t make profits for a group of shareholders, our customers are our shareholders, meaning we want what is best for them,” he said.

Mr Jackson said the organisation’s support doesn’t stop at cash donations.

“We also donate all of our staff two days a year to work for a local charity of their choice,” he said.

“Last year we all chose to help gather and wrap Christmas presents for the homeless through Anonymous X.

“We’re also donating time expertise in the financial sector. We aim to work with the community and make people financially literate – whether that be offering budget advice for free or something as simple as offering migrants advice on how to set up a bank account.”

Mr Jackson said the bank is in discussions with several local groups, working on areas that are mutually beneficial.

“We’ve got a few things in the pipeline – we’re currently talking with Good Return, IPC Health and a number of other groups,” he said.

“We also donate time to Sunshine Secondary College to go through mock interviews with the kids and prepare them for their first job.”