Back to school a double delight

Aiden, Abigail, Sofia, Sienna, Marc, Peter, Lola, Lara, Jordain, Christian, Aidan and William are 6 sets of twins at Sydenham-Hillside Primary. (Luke Hemer)

By Tate Papworth

Teachers at Sydenham Hillside Primary School could be forgiven for thinking they’re seeing double.

The school has welcomed six sets of twins as part of this year’s prep intake.

Principal Ben Russell said it’s the most the school has ever had in one intake.

“We’ve actually only got four grade one classes, so this year we have more sets of twins than we do grade one classes,” he said.

“We’ve had a bit of fun with it and the parents have helped us out with easy ways to tell them apart, like markings on hats etc.”

He said all the pupils had fitted in well.

“The excitement of day one is generally pretty much on show for everyone to see,” he said.

Mr Russell credited the school’s prep teachers for the smooth transition.

“The teaching staff in prep classrooms and the way they can work really quickly with those kids to develop welcoming relationships is a credit to them.”