Awfully big adventure

Creekside College will be performing a production of Peter Pan.

By Ewen McRae

A familiar tale is flying into town, with the latest production from Creekside College set to light up the stage.

The Caroline Springs school’s production of Peter Pan Jr will hit the Wyndham Cultural Centre this week, and director Kylie Gral said the show was a good choice for their broad age range.

“We were looking for a story that worked well with 8 to 15-year-olds and this one had a great cast range from little fairies to menacing pirates,” Ms Gral said.

“The buzz has been electric in rehearsals, everyone is very excited to perform on stage in a professional theatre.

“For many of our students this may be the first time they have set foot on stage. Although we all feel nervous we are a great support for each other [and] our cast have gone above and beyond to create a strong performance.”

The 60-minute musical is based on the 1953 movie about the boy who would never grow up and his adventures in Neverland, with the 95-strong cast to sing all the classics.

“We are very proud of our cast and it’s been such a great way to facilitate rich creative learning, the students thrive in this environment,” Ms Gral said.

“It’s a show that takes you on a journey to Neverland – full of menacing pirates, magical fairies, dynamic dancing and soaring voices.”

The show will run for two night on September 12 and 13 from 7pm.

Tickets: or 8734 6000.