Astrophysicist vies for election

217212_01 Dr Josef Zybert

Esther Lauaki

A Brimbank astrophysicist wants to inspire young people to discover the world of science.

Dr Josef Zybert, a candidate in the Taylors Ward for the upcoming Brimbank council election, said he wanted to change perceptions of what young people in the western suburbs can achieve.

Dr Zybert has lived in Brimbank all of his life and gained an interest in Cosmology as a boy after seeing a book about space at St Albans Tech.

“In those days classrooms had just a blackboard and a teacher, sometimes a projector or TV,” he said.

“Back then any aspirations of a boy from the west becoming a scientist were almost non-existent.

“I went on to earn a PhD in Physics then worked as a CSIRO Research Scientist and later formed my own company.

“Science is fun, and it also creates wealth for the community.

“I would like to see Brimbank involved more in science and high-tech and to inspire the younger generation that we in the west can do science too.

“All too often we read about Brimbank and the west as a dumping ground for contaminated materials, but rarely about new research facilities or high-tech industry moving to Brimbank.

“A scientist has never been on Brimbank council and having a scientist announces that this city welcomes science and high-tech industries … it will also provide visible inspiration to the younger generation that we in the west can make a contribution to science and high-tech.”

Dr Zybert hastened to add that “with having my own business and being a member of committees I can also contribute to the overall operation of Brimbank council.”

Esther Lauaki