A very timely tale

Caroline Chisholm Catholic College students Mikayla, Brendan, Chelsea, Stephanie, Ashika, Izabella, Kaya, Brandon, Aadi and Joshua wrote a book together in 12 hours. Picture Shawn Smits.

By Esther Lauaki

Caroline Chisholm Catholic College students have worked against the clock to create a story book.

A team of years 7 to 12 students earlier this month had 12 hours to write and illustrate a book aimed at children in hospitals across Australia as part of the Write a Book in a Day initiative for The Kids Cancer Project.

Their challenge was to produce a book, written to randomly selected parameters.

The story had to incorporate building blocks, a sailor and gymnast as the main characters and a setting in a ghost town hit by a cyclone.

They were also asked to use the words community, skipped, magic, canvas and

The budding writers produced a book called

Sailing in the Sky about a lone Aussie sailor who finds himself trapped in a ghost town.

Supervising teacher Magda Hoszko said the challenge encouraged teamwork and creativity.

“The students love the spirit of collaboration that the day fosters,” Ms Hoszko said.

“They get to work across campuses and year levels in a spirit of camaraderie … I hope they want to write more stories.”

The competition continues until August 31 and a winning book will be selected next month.