A very merry makeover

Year 4 students, Marlee, Ayden, Laetitia and Deeksha. (Damjan Janevski) 376746_02

Dinjerra Primary School in Braybrook is hosting its last event of the year, in one final effort to raise the funds required for a school makeover.

The family fiesta community market will be held on Friday, December 8, a chance for the school community to buy from local businesses and school stalls.

Classroom teacher and event coordinator Marta Rodrigues said the purpose behind the community market is to raise money for the school.

“This year our goal was to reach $20,000 to redo all of the student play areas and upgrade the equipment,” she said.

“Currently we have raised about $14,000, so we are using the family fiesta event to try and raise the rest of it to that contribution.”

The family fiesta will be held on school grounds from 4-7pm, featuring more than 26 stalls from local businesses.

“We also have some classes of 11-year-olds who are running their stalls, so we are really trying to cater for everybody,” she said.

“They have come up with ideas to generate the fundraising, so we created the stalls through schoolwork, and through the curriculum, the final product will be running the stall at the event.”

Some of the kids stalls will include a massage and nail polish stall, a carnival game, and a Christmas gift themed stall.

“All of the money from the stalls will go back to the students of the school,” she said.

Marta said for entertainment there will be demonstrations from dance schools, singers and artists, a yoga workshop and teacher band.

“The idea is to bring the school community together and branch out to the wider community to bring everyone together and have a relaxing and fun time while trying to raise money for the kids in the school.”