A unique show for the Brimbank community

Memetica Artistic Director Daniele Poidomani with 'Reeflings' Amity Wilson and Dakota Barnett (Jacob Pattison) 389395_01

Anne Parisianne

The Reeflings’ Memeries show is coming to Brimbank on the first weekend of March, showcasing a unique blend of amusement and education for children.

The theatre show created by Memetica will play a unique theatre engagement experience that is family-friendly.

Memetica will show Reeflings, a mutated species from reefs across the world’s oceans, in a quest to find a place to call home and eventually establish thriving communities and coexist harmoniously with other living organisms.

“The Reeflings are kind of representing a trans culturalism,” said Daniele Poidomani, the artistic director of Memetica.

“Their narrative weaves a tale of escape, survival, arrival, transformation, joy, hope and the remarkable ability to adapt to new environments.

Mr Poidomani said Reefling’s Memeries is a community-driven theatre project and for the community’s entertainment.

“Some of the scenery will be painted by the kids from the community.

“Come and see the Reeflings [to see] how they bring their culture to Brimbank.”

And so far, twelve children from the Brimbank community will join as a part of the Reeflings’ Memeries.

It’s a thrilling participatory exploration of an alien species’ cultural evolution.

The shows will be held on March 2, at 11am and 2pm, at the Bowery Theatre.

Entry fee is free, and bookings are required.

Details creativebrimbank.com.au/reeflings-memeries-session-1

and creativebrimbank.com.au/reeflings-memeries-session-2.