A journey of Vietnamese history

The Emperor City (From Past to Present) will hit the stage at the Bowery Theatre in St Albans on Saturday, July 6. (Supplied)

Hannah Hammoud

Embark on a cultural journey with Bach Viet Dance as they present ‘The Emperor City (From Past to Present)’, a captivating performance showcasing the rich history and traditions of the imperial city of Hue in central Vietnam.

This cultural show will feature a blend of traditional court music, contemporary music, and poetry recitations, brought to life through costumes, singing, and traditional dance.

Di Tran, the passionate organiser behind this cultural showcase, emphasises the importance of sharing Vietnamese history and culture with the broader community.

“To understand our culture is to appreciate its beauty, and this applies to all cultures,” Tran said.

“I have always had a personal passion for introducing Vietnamese history and cultural aspects into the mainstream so that children and people from other ethnic backgrounds can understand and appreciate our heritage.”

Since its establishment in 2019, Bach Viet Dance has been dedicated to fostering cultural understanding and cohesion within the community.

The group, consisting of 14 members aged 36 to 62, has previously collaborated with other organisations and continues to receive strong support from the community.

Last year’s cultural show focused on North Vietnamese culture and attracted a diverse audience. This year, the group is excited to expand their reach and share the beauty of Vietnamese culture with even more people from various backgrounds.

“It’s been about five years now since we started and we’ve done a number of events that benefit the community,” Tran said.

“This year we’re lucky enough to continue to be supported to produce this cultural show focussing on Vietnamese culture. We have been rehearsing relentlessly every week, twice a week.”

The Emperor City (From Past to Present) will hit the stage at the Bowery Theatre in St Albans on Saturday, July 6, from 7-9.45pm. Tickets are $15, or $10 for children 12 years and under.

The show will be presented in both English and Vietnamese.

Details: shorturl.at/KMLYr