A job lot for St Albans

Di Brankovic, Carly Riddoch, Ashley Stephens, Michael Spasojevic, Mikki Maheras and Catherine Lambert.

By Tate Papworth

A free employment and training expo is coming to St Albans.

Proven Training Solutions and its partners will gather on Wednesday, June 19, from 3-6.30pm – all to help locals find employment.

Managing director Mikki Maheras said the focus was on starting the recruitment process.

“Our intention is to provide a night where we can link up a person to an employer, a course and support services they might need to get a job,” she said.

“It’s about bringing everybody together. People will register with us, provide a few details about what they’re looking for and we’ll point them in the right direction.”

Partnerships and acquisitions manager Michael Spasojevic said there would be a wide variety of industries represented at the

“It’ll predominately be civil construction, aged-care and children’s services companies there,” he said. “We’re also doing a fair bit in the allied health space at the moment.”

Community groups and a student support team will be on hand.

“It’s a terrific networking opportunity,”
Mr Spasojevic said. “There’s a number of different avenues, so there’s something for everyone.”

The expo will be on Wednesday, June 19, from 3-6.30pm at 45 Main Road West,
St Albans.

Details: bit.ly/2YvblL1