Call to support children of slain mum Fiona Warzywoda

A Melton resident is continuing her campaign to raise vital funds for the children of slain mother-of-four Fiona Warzywoda.

Stephanie Payne, who was an acquaintance of the murdered mother and knew her children, has been fund-raising for the young family since April when Ms Warzywoda, 33, was stabbed to death in a busy Sunshine Street, allegedly by her partner Craig McDermott, only hours after visiting Sunshine Magistrates Court over a family violence order against her de facto of 18 years.

Ms Payne said the children, aged between five and 15, are living in cramped conditions with a carer and need all the financial assistance available to them.

She has urged residents to continue to donate money, clothes, toys, non-perishable items and supermarket vouchers.

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She said some families had even written letters to the children expressing their sympathy. “A card saying we’re sorry means a lot to them,” Ms Payne said.

Already $13,000 has been raised by the community and has gone towards daily necessities like food, clothing and education.

“I never want these children to be forgotten … their carer is now unable to work and just putting food on the table is difficult.”

Ms Payne thanked people who had already donated and said she was amazed at the feed- back since beginning the campaign.

“I don’t know how to thank everyone, these kids have nothing; they wouldn’t have anything if it wasn’t for the community … we’re amazed.”

>> Anyone wanting to donate money, vouchers, or non-perishable goods can contact Stephanie Payne on

>> Any letters to the family can be sent to Melton South LPO PO Box 2138, Melton South, 3338.