New Brimbank council administrator John Tanner outlines focus

Attracting “wealth creators” to live and work in Brimbank will be a primary focus for new council administrator John Tanner.

The former Nationals state and federal president who joined council last Thursday told The Weekly he was excited about the chance to maintain the large strides council had made in recent years. 

“Let’s hope we not only attract the industry but the managers (to Brimbank), what I refer to as the wealth creators,” he said.

“One of the issues we have in country areas is that it’s very hard to attract managers and so forth because they also required a job for their partners, who are normally in that upper level as well.

“I see some great opportunities for people to relocate from other suburbs and coming here (to work and live). I like the diversity of the municipality.

“My biggest focus is to ensure my commitment leaves it in a far better position when it’s returned to elected council. What really excites me is the opportunites, they are endless.” 

The Benalla businessman of over 30 years who owns property in Richmond is committed to local government doing all it could to create jobs.

“Governments don’t create jobs, there’s only one person who creates a job and that’s a wealth creator. A person who actually backs it with money and makes it happen. As a local government we have to help facilitate that… making sure we’re working jointly.”

Mr Tanner also wanted to see stronger connections between secondary schools and council, from an employment and leadership perspective.

“Let’s get the message out about local government,” he said. “There is a youth award for Australia Day, which is great, but maybe we can take things a bit further.”

A member of the Nationals’ Federal Management Committee, Mr Tanner said his political ties had greatly diminished. 

“I’m not involved politically like I was. I’m connected with (the Nationals). I still sit on the management board, as such,” he said.

“It doesn’t involve as much as the immediate past, you’re more there for reference than anything else.”

He also wanted to have “very transparent” community engagement: “If you have clear respect with your community you’ll get it back.”