Sarina Russo Job Access at Melton is launching a new campaign, 50 Jobs in 50 Days

A mix of inspiration and desperation led Sarina Russo to open a small typing school almost 40 years ago, promising all her nine graduates a job. And she succeeded – in the process establishing a reputation for her ability to run a successful employment agency and build a trustworthy brand.

Now, Sarina Russo Job Access at Melton is launching a new campaign – 50 Jobs in 50 Days – to encourage the local business community to give jobseekers a chance, particularly young people, parents returning to the workforce and the mature-aged.

Marlene Cassar (pictured), manager of Sarina Russo Job Access at Melton, says the 50 Jobs in 50 Days campaign is all about working together as a community.

“We want to place as many local jobseekers into local jobs as possible,” Ms Cassar says. “It’s about giving employers and jobseekers the best advice. It’s also about educating people about the available funding support.

“And it’s about making a difference for our kids, friends, relatives and neighbours.”

Ms Cassar says she’s surprised how many employers aren’t aware of the Australian government support and incentives that are available.

“This support recognises the cost of employing, supporting and training new staff. We can provide information that has the potential to open employers’ eyes, to see that putting on new staff is within their reach.”

Full of praise for Melton employers, she asserts they are the lifeblood of the community.

“They are extraordinary. Employers inspire, educate, enlighten and provide a better future for people. Employers create memories, confidence, mateship and careers.

“If any Melton employer needs staff, or knows another who does, Sarina Russo Job Access is here to help.

“We have screened all jobseekers already on our books to ensure the best people for every role. This means our job-ready candidates are available to start immediately.”

For a list of jobseekers relevant to your industry, visit

Sarina Russo Job Access, 262-266 High Street, Melton. Inquiries: 13 15 59