MY BRIMBANK: Aphrodhite Sovolos

Afrodhite Sovolos runs a Greek dance fitness class in St Albans, and is running a White Ribbon fundraiser this week. She spoke to Ewen McRae.


What is your connection to Brimbank?

I am a resident of Brimbank and have lived here for almost 20 years.


What do you like best about the area?

I like many things about the area but what stands out are our beautiful parks and playgrounds. My favourite is Brimbank Park. It is truly a great place to visit as a family and even enjoy a picnic by the river. When you are there, you don’t realise you are in a metropolitan area.


What could make the area better?

I think that extending Watergardens Shopping Centre will be great for Brimbank residents to make way for Myer, David Jones and other stores. Currently Watergardens Shopping Centre is buzzing with some great shops and to continue its success, an extension would benefit the centre.

I also feel that raising security within shopping centres by increasing the number of guards present will help our residents feel safe. Unfortunately, we are living in a society where crime is on the rise and to feel safe, strategies must be put in place and constantly reviewed.


Where is your favourite place to go for a feed in Brimbank?


I really love the Street Eat section in Watergardens.

When you walk through that paved area with restaurants on either side, it makes you feel you are not in a shopping centre. There are great places to choose from but my favourite is the burger place on the corner, Grilled Healthy Burgers. Amazing burgers that taste really fresh.

How did you become involved with Opacize, and what is involved with it?

Opacize was founded by Greek-Australian Kathy in Sydney some two years ago and is the first structured, 100 per cent Greek Dance fitness to take off globally. I began attending a class in February this year. I loved it so much because the music opened my heart and soul and at the same time I was getting fit. Realising our community doesn’t have a class nearby, I started one to promote happiness and health amongst our residents. The class runs every Wednesday night at 7.30pm at Agia Paraskevi Greek Church hall at the corner of Arthur and Henry Streets, St Albans. There is no need to pre-book a class, you pay a casual entry fee of $10.


What are the benefits of exercising this way?

I describe dancing as a shortcut to happiness. You don’t realise you are exercising and certainly releasing endorphins that make you feel happy. It is also a great place to meet people and form wonderful friendships!


Tell me about the event you’ve got coming up on September 20?

This Wednesday (September 20), Opacize is raising money for White Ribbon and strongly supports no violence against women. The casual entry fee of $10 per person will go towards White Ribbon. We are also asking participants to wear white on the night.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

That I skydived in South Africa and worked as a flight attendant with Emirates Airlines.