West Footscray artist to exhibit at Sunshine’s Brimbank CCC

Artist Judith Leuenberger in her home studio. Image: Marco de Luca

Artist Judith Leuenberger is captivated by light.

Her current exhibition of 16 oil and acrylic paintings explores how light dances upon everything it touches.

She said sometimes her paintings look like a fleeting moment in time, such as when a chiffon scarf has been thrown up in the air.

“Sometimes they look like landscapes, and sometimes like rock formations,” she said.

The West Footscray artist who works out of her home studio or at The Hunt Club in Deer Park, said the idea for the exhibition came to her when she was painting a small still life of a sweet pea flower.

“I got lost in the shapes and light, and the sensation of waves of woven light in the morning sun,” she said.

Within six months she’d produced 16 paintings in quick succession.

“When I get an idea, I’m like a terrier, like a dog at a bone, I can’t stop,” she said.

She has dedicated the exhibition, called

Obscura, to her three sisters and parents, who she modestly says are all more talented artists than herself.

Obscura will be exhibited at the Brimbank Community and Civic Centre in Sunshine until June 30.