Albanvale writer publishes her third book

Suada Siljic Sokolovic has just written her third book. Photo by Luke Hemer

Suada Sokolovic can’t put her pen down. The Albanvale writer and poet has just written and published her third book, Fate, in about a year.

Earlier this year she gave her first two books, The Wings Through the Wind and The Road to Uncertainty, to the Deer Park library as a gift.

Ms Sokolovic writes in three languages: English, Bosnian and German. She was born in Bosnia, from where she fled with her husband Asim and their two young sons Amir and Alen to escape the political upheaval in the Balkans in 1991.

The young family first went to Hamburg before moving and settling for good in Melbourne.

The 61-year-old says her love for the written word materialised early in life.

“I loved writing and began to write poetry and stories as a child,” she says.

“My poetry and stories are about love, society, patriotism, about tradition and experiences from [my] childhood, about our fate caused by the war.

“All the poetry and stories carry messages of respect, love and a desire that war should never happen anywhere in the world.”