VU Secondary College helps create the future

Music at Victoria University Secondary College. (Photo supplied)

Scholarships for the Deep Learning extension program at Victoria University Secondary College are now available for entry at year 9 or 10 next year.

Excited about the announcement, college principal Elaine Hazim explains the Deep Learning program.

“The program is designed to allow high-ability students to specialise their learning in certain subject areas, gaining access to a rigorous curriculum that includes challenging content and inquiry-based learning,” she says.

“These students spend their lessons with like-minded peers in an environment where they can engage with stimulating and rigorous learning tasks.

“Scholarships for entry at year 9 are valued at $1500 over four years (up to year 12), while scholarships for year 10 entry are valued at $1000 over three years (up to year 12).

How does deep learning work?

Students can specialise in the areas of English and humanities, taking an extension English class, literature and 12 months of their chosen humanities – either history or economics and legal studies.

Students can also specialise in the mathematics and science area, taking part in an extension mathematical methods class and having additional periods of science, with some students able to specialise in all areas.

Year 10 students may apply to take advanced placement in a Unit 1 & 2 VCE subject. These students may also take introduction to extended investigation, an inquiry-based learning unit with academic research in specific fields of interest.

For more information and applications, visit

About the college

Ms Hazim says she is proud to lead Victoria University Secondary College.

“We have a tight-knit school community where all staff learn together and continuously improve.

“Our vision is for students to be educated and enabled to Create the Future: their own future, their community’s future and the global future.

“We believe all students can succeed with effort and persistence. We focus on each student’s individual interests and abilities, and help them to achieve their pathway of choice.”

What’s new

Next year, a SEAL (Select Entry Accelerated Learning) program will be introduced for high-achieving students entering year 7 – visit the website for more details and registration.

And construction of the year 7-12 school at Cairnlea is under way.

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