Resurrection offers a caring learning environment

Resurrection Catholic Primary School celebrates each child for their indviduality.

Resurrection Catholic Primary School is a vibrant and dynamic faith community.

The school motto ‘We Care’ is the cornerstone of what staff aim to instil in students.

The school prides itself on offering an affordable Catholic education by creating a warm and welcoming environment for all students, staff and families.

Staff believe that it is essential to educate the whole child and acknowledge that all students are different. Resurrection Catholic Primary School is a diverse community and actively celebrate each individual student’s uniqueness by providing an environment where all can develop spiritually, socially, emotionally, academically and intellectually to reach their fullest potential.

At Resurrection Catholic Primary School staff believe that the most effective learning and teaching occurs when:

* students feel valued and secure in their learning environment

* a positive relationship exists through knowing and valuing each child

* programs are designed to be significant, challenging relevant and engaging

* teachers plan with clear objectives, high expectations of students and themselves.

In order to achieve the above, staff aim to develop students’ essential knowledge, attitudes and understandings across key themes and will grow to understand how they can become 21st-century learners.

The school is a positive, creative, hope-filled learning community where Catholic values and spirit are shared and the sacred dignity of each person is nurtured.

At Resurrection Catholic Primary School every day is open day! The school provides personalised tours on request so that you can see what the learning looks like, feels like and sounds like each and every day. So what are you waiting for? The school community can’t wait for you to come and see the difference Resurrection makes.