Persistence and resilience shine through

Memories of simpler times: Year 12 students exploring La Trobe University on MEE Day (Motivate, Energise and Empower) in February this year. (Supplied)

Phillipa Griffiths, Acting Principal of Copperfield College, offers congratulations to the Year 12 Class of 2020:

“No year 12 students in Victoria have experienced their last year of school in the way they may have anticipated,” Ms Griffiths says. “Our students are part of our Copperfield family and, as such, we would like to send a message of congratulations and respect for the way they managed themselves through the many difficulties they have experienced.

“You have demonstrated courage, flexibility, persistence and resilience. These qualities will serve you well in your chosen futures. We are proud of you.”

A message from the teachers

Copperfield College sends its congratulations to the Class of 2020 for making it through an extraordinarily challenging and unpredictable year.

“You handled the sudden shift to online learning with impressive adaptability and resilience, before returning to school this term to spend a few final weeks together on campus.

“You stood patiently all those cold mornings while waiting to have your temperature checked before entering the school. Your perseverance during through various technical issues throughout remote learning was admirable. You’ve been patient and cheerful through it all.

“Our VCAL students managed to complete their community projects in partnership with Western Health with only a few modifications, and we’re very proud of what they have achieved.

“This year has been like no other; it has produced some challenging moments but has also shown how incredibly resilient our senior VCAL cohort has been.”

Learning outcomes were completed remotely with community projects groups rotating through the school on Fridays to finalise their projects working with their mentors. Students demonstrated a high level of commitment in getting these projects completed.

VCE students also completed their school assessment tasks under difficult circumstances. Self-motivation was key for students to stay on track, despite the distractions that came with remote learning. While all assessments have been completed, the VCE journey is not quite over for the year 12 students.

“Exams are underway and we wish them all the best in completing this last stage of VCE.”

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