Nurturing tomorrow’s leaders


In an unwavering commitment to nurturing tomorrow’s leaders, University Park Primary School exemplifies a mission that transcends the confines of mere academic excellence.

At University Park Primary the focus extends to cultivating responsible and compassionate individuals who are poised to guide their communities. Rooted in the school’s core values of responsibility, collaboration, honesty, and respect, staff dedicate ourselves to shaping future leaders among the student body.

The journey of responsibility commences early in students’ lives, as even the youngest members of the community take on leadership roles as class captains. Central to the school’s ethos is a culture of collaboration, fostering teamwork and idea sharing through roles such as school captains, house captains, junior school councillors, and class captains.

Honesty and respect, the cornerstones of the school, find expression in student-led assemblies. Within this supportive and inclusive environment, every child is afforded the opportunity to develop their unique leadership skills.

This week, grade 5 students took part in a specialised leadership program, providing them with the skills to excel in their roles. These young leaders are not just role models for their peers but also architects of a school environment that is secure, thriving, and supportive. Witnessing students identify their strengths and discussing how these attributes can bolster their leadership roles for the upcoming year is indeed heartening.

Proud principal, Andrea Federico, aptly notes, “At University Park Primary School, student leadership is more than a concept; it’s a way of life. We work together to shape the leaders of tomorrow, enabling them to leave a lasting impact on their communities and the world”.