Jenny Isa, Horseshoe Bend Ward Candidate for Brimbank Council Elections

Jenny Isa is a candidate for the Horseshoe Bend Ward. (Photo supplied)

A proud and passionate local St Albans resident of more than 30 years, Jenny Isa has a passion for town planning, community and environment. As a candidate for the Horseshoe Bend Ward, Jenny explains her position:

“I have worked as a volunteer in Brimbank, and have a strong presence in the St Albans and Brimbank community for more than 10 years, representing community on many Council committees on projects such as the St Albans Grade Separation, St Albans Errington Reserve, The Bowery Theatre and the St Albans Leisure Centre.

“I’ve sat on many committees at Council, such as Brimbank Waste Management, Community Safety, St Albans Strategic Board, St Albans Social Enterprise Project, St Albans Health and Wellbeing Project – and much more.

“As an experienced finance professional with a Masters in Commerce and an Honorary St Albans Group Board Member, I understand the importance of a healthy budget. I will continue to advocate on improvements to services such as public parks, sports facilities and community hubs.

“I have strong views in putting the community and environment at the heart at what we do. As a daughter of migrant parents, I learnt that giving back to your community is very important.

“I will remain a strong advocate for sustainable housing design and stronger planning schemes, as well as continue to work with Council on how we can further incorporate the Brimbank Urban Forest Strategy into Council’s Planning Scheme – along with how we can build a more sustainable Brimbank that inspires growth to the local economy.”


“We need a council that listens to the concerns of the residents of St Albans and Brimbank’s surrounding suburbs. When it comes to community needs, a vote for me is the most effective way to make sure that your voice is heard. There is much potential and growth happening in St Albans and Brimbank, but we can only do this by working collectively as a community with Council, State and Federal governments.


More information about Jenny can be found on her Facebook page: