KND ready and waiting

Dental Prosthetists Sam Robertson and?Kathy Danoucaras. (Damjan Janevski)

Everyone put off getting dental work done during COVID-19 restrictions, but now KND Denture Clinic is offering a super-safe and warm welcome to people who want to get their new dentures built or existing ones repaired.

Prosthetist Sam Robertson, who runs the clinic with sister and brother, Kathy and Nick Danaucaras, along with Aleksy Rozyski, says they’re ready and waiting, with all CovidSafe practises in place.

“The nature of our business has always demanded extra attention to hygiene, but now we’re strictly enforcing all the covid rules, with additional guidelines from Australian Dental Prosthetists Association also followed – just to be super-cautious,” Sam explains.

“Our appointments are being spaced out in order to meet the guidelines, and the social distancing rule is applied in our waiting room.

“The health and safety of our patients and staff is uppermost, so people can feel very confident to visit. If anyone feels unsure or has any questions, we encourage them to give us a call.”

The clinic, which has been in St Albans for the past 25 years (with a second clinic subsequently opened in Caroline Springs) has a lovely homey feel. Once a private home, the St Albans clinic exudes a relaxed, comfortable feel that helps dispel any anxiety – and the talented team of prosthetists go out of their way to make any visit a positive experience.

Dentures and partial dentures are made on site, with great effort taken to match the patient’s individual profile to produce outstandingly natural results.

The first step is an initial consultation.

“At this time, we assess what type of denture would work best,” Sam says. “There are several stages and visits involved in making dentures.

“We make sure both natural dentition and prosthetic teeth are colour-matched as closely as possible. Once dentures are inserted, any adjustments are done at no extra charge to the patient.”

Now an Australian Made and Owned approved licensee, the clinics accept all government vouchers and forms, connect with private health insurance carriers and offer Hi-Caps facilities.

KND Denture Clinic, 
192 Main Road East, St Albans. 
Inquiries: 9364 3677

Caroline Springs Dental, 
Suite 8, 242 Caroline Springs Boulevard, Caroline Springs. 
Inquiries: 8361 9722