IN FOCUS: The word on mouthguards

Aleksy Rozycki, Sam Robertson, Nick Danoucaras and Kathy Danoucaras. (Shawn Smits)

Carole Levy

Sports-related concussion is a hot media topic right now, and in light of that, it’s timely to talk about mouthguards and what scientific research has to say about them. Custom-made mouthguards to be precise. Sam Robertson, an expert prosthetist from KND Denture Clinic in St Albans explains the connection.

“A study from peer-reviewed research and clinical journal, published about six years ago,” says Sam, “reports that parents who want to reduce their child’s risk of sports-related concussion should visit a clinic such as KND instead of a sporting goods store.

“It goes on to say that contact sports players who wear a properly fitted mouthguard can help absorb and prevent the impact from a blow to the face, keeping the jaw, mouth and teeth safe and reducing the chance of injury.”

Kathy Danoucaras and her brother Nick Danoucaras are also professional prosthetists at KND Denture Clinic.

Kathy explains other advantages of KND’s custom-made mouthguards.

“A properly fitted mouthguard stays firmly in the mouth and is more comfortable to wear,” she says. “The thickness of the mouthguard doesn’t restrict breathing or the ability to talk.”

She says the lead author of the study concludes that the benefits of protecting a child with a custom-made mouthguard far outweigh costs.

“Depending on the level of health cover, you may be fully or partially covered for the cost of your new mouthguard. Custom-made mouthguards can also be made to match sports team colours.”

Obviously KND Denture Clinic offers more than mouthguards, as important as they are.

They come, by the way, in sports team colours.

The team custom makes full dentures that look natural in a patient’s mouth, as well as partial dentures to replace a single or multiple teeth.

Sam has a particular interest in implant-retained over-dentures.

“These are constructed to cover much less of the tissue in the mouth, and movement of the denture is much less than that of a conventional denture,” he says.

“Implants are surgically placed in the mouth, and it should be noted that criteria has to be met to make them a suitable option for our patients.”

KND accepts all government vouchers and form, as well as all private health insurers. Hi-Caps facilities are available, and payment plans are offered through Oxi Pay (conditions apply).

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