Future-proofing their needs thanks to Uniting AgeWell

Glenice and Ian Henderson have found the perfect solution to suit their needs at Uniting AgeWell’s Amarco Apartments and Kingsville Community.

Some things are just meant to be.

Glenice Henderson says one of the best decisions she and her husband Ian, ever made was to move into Uniting AgeWell’s Amarco Apartments in Melbourne’s inner west a couple of years ago.

They’d been looking for a place that had an aged care facility paired with independent living apartments to cater for Ian’s decreasing mobility. Their wish list also included ground floor access and a large courtyard – and Uniting AgeWell’s Kingsville Community and Amarco Apartments fitted the bill.

It proved to be a fortuitous decision. The couple sold their Torquay home and had only been in their spacious apartment for five months when Ian needed more specialised care, and moved into Kingsville Community.

Glenice, 80, visits Ian every day, and he often spends time in the apartment watching football and having lunch with her. They’ve been married for nearly 60 years and still haven’t run out of things to talk about!

Glenice, who has osteoarthritis, uses her mobility scooter to visit him.

“It takes me five minutes to get there,” she says. “How handy is that!”

Their children visit Ian, 82, as often as they can, and because the apartment has two bedrooms, their Wangaratta-based daughter is able to stay over.

Glenice, who does her own cooking and shopping, also loves to read. She’s thoroughly enjoying all the friends she’s made at Amarco.

“We always stop and chat – they’re all so warm and friendly.”

She also has peace of mind that Ian, a retired university lecturer, is getting the best possible care.

“The staff at Kingsville are so capable and kind,” she says.

Aside from offering residential care and retirement living options, Uniting AgeWell supports older people as their needs change through a range of in-home care services, home care packages, social connections programs and allied health and wellbeing services.

Find out more at unitingagewell.org or amarcoapartments.com.au