Foster a love of learning

The centre creates a love of learning in children. (Supplied)

Carole Levy

It’s well known that children learn best when they are interested, curious and motivated and by being active and involved through their play. Parents want children to be engaged in their learning, to grow a powerful sense for discovery, inquiry and a love of learning.

Centre director Evet Beshara of Caroline Springs Child Care and Kindergarten (Little Flyers) says the centre creates this ‘love of learning’ in children, balanced with the demanding schedules of family time and work life.

“Since 2012, Caroline Springs Child Care and Kindergarten has offered a rich and engaging four-year-old kindergarten program to children within our growing community,” she says.

“As of this year, we are thrilled that we are also providing an innovative three-year-old kindergarten program which has been a great success to date. Both of our kindergarten programs are led by bachelor-trained kindergarten teachers who have contributed to our very strong teaching team and helped form a valuable part of our preschool environment.

“In collaboration with our families, our teachers are committed to discovering and exploring the innovative concepts the children are interested in. We know that if we plan the program based on the children’s individual interests and ideas, they will become engaged and develop a yearning for learning that will carry on through to their foundation year of schooling and well into their later years.

“Our learning environments are an amiable place – a place where there is softness and comfort and beauty. They support both relationships and friendships. “Each of our permanent learning spaces has its own identity and collectively create an identity for the children and families.”

An ongoing cycle of planning, documenting and evaluating children’s learning underpins the educational program that Caroline Springs Little Flyers provides for children.

The kindergarten curriculum embraces an extensive specialist program.

“Our excursions may involve visits to the Melbourne Zoo, Melbourne Aquarium or Scienceworks, as well as regular community outings to Arcare Aged Care, local cafes, post office walks, and local school visits, all as part of our school readiness program.

“Our specialist programs may include farm yard visits, dental care, road safety, water safety, cooking classes and live performances, as well as music, sports and dance programs.

“Assessment of Learning programs involves gathering and analysing information that reflects the partnership of children, families and educators, with teachers using assessments to ensure children leave the centre with confidence and readiness for school.”

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