Empowering women to be real estate leaders

Some of the Ray White Taylors Lake team Shayla Azzopardi, Helena Krilis, Amanda Micallef, Mieka Parkinson, Nuria Celentano, Angela Travlos - Tsonis, Angela Criscione, Teresa Nguyen, Cristina Maccarrone and Keely Bryant.

International Women’s Day celebrated on 8 March is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. We wanted to take this opportunity to recognise the remarkable women within our own lives and the Ray White Taylors Lakes family.

Director Peter Travlos is proud to highlight the important women in his life, including his mother Konstantina Travlos, sister Angela Travlos Tsonis, and daughters Jaimee and Tia Travlos. Their influence and support have undoubtedly played a vital role in his life.

At Ray White Taylors Lakes, we are committed to supporting and championing the women in our office as they pursue their personal and professional goals and create an environment where every woman feels empowered to become leaders in every aspect of their lives.

We also want to acknowledge the Corporate Team at Ray White, who organise a variety of events throughout the year aimed at inspiring and empowering women across our organisation. In conjunction with the industry wide initiative Leading Ladies of Real Estate, Ray White aims to build a community that supports and inspires women in the industry to chase their potential.

The Leading Ladies of Real Estate focuses on three key areas:

* Recruitment and Empowerment: Amplifying the presence of women and attracting outstanding female talent specifically in the Real Estate Industry.

* Career Advancement: Offering pathways for career development through showcasing journeys from some of the industry’s most successful women.

* Leadership Opportunities: Nurturing and endorsing women to step into leadership roles within the industry.

This year on the 15 March 2024 the women in the Ray White Taylors Lakes team are looking forward to attending the seminar focused on empowering women to take control of their financial wellbeing and create a secure future for themselves.

Happy International Women’s day to all our family, friends and clients.