A delicious feast for Mother’s Day

Amit Kumar. (Supplied)

It’s been open for just a year, but Amit Kumar’s Indian restaurant, Chandigarh Chulha (named for the Punjabi capital and a traditional brick oven), is already making a splash among people who love the flavours, scents and diversity of Indian cooking.

The spacious restaurant, showing off wooden tables beneath blingy pendants, offers a dining experience guaranteed to please, while takeaway and home delivery orders are provided as well.

At menu prices that hover around $15 and below, Chandigarh Chulha is the kind of place to get the gang together for Mother’s Day and make an affordable and mighty tasty feast of it – at home or in the company of friendly and knowledgeable wait staff.

The menu is long and peppered with all the faves, but has plenty to offer the more adventurous.

As the name Chulha suggests, there are plenty of dishes from the tandoor – chicken, paneer, chaap and fish among them. Curries, of course, are well represented, with mainly chicken or lamb as the protein, as well as goat which some consider the best curry meat.

Vegos are spoilt for choice when it comes to Indian, and Amit doesn’t disappoint with his extensive list of deliciousness – from paneer, lentil and chick pea dishes to mushroom, okra and spinach.

The famous biryani, breads, samosa and puri are all on board and, as a foray into Indo-Chinese traditions, there are fried rice selections.

There are even burgers with a twist.

Desserts include six classics, the ever-popular house-made paan kulfi and celebratory gulab jamun among them.

If the combo of cheap and cheerful and tasty and tempting sounds good at any time, let alone on mum’s special day, this newish kid on the block is putting its best foot forward for discerning diners.

Chandigarh Chulha, 
68 Kings Road, St Albans. 
Opens Monday-Wednesday-Thursday 11.30am-4pm and 5pm-12.30am; 5-11.30pm Tuesday; and 11.30am-1.30am Friday-Sunday. 
Inquiries: 9995 9868, 0470 358 162 
or Facebook.